How It Works

CT Professional OrganizerWould you like to work with a Professional Organizer in Connecticut? Keep reading to learn the process!

1- Please call Sheila at 860-384-9683 for a free phone consultation.

You can share a bit about yourself, including what is happening in your life, what spaces need to be organized, and what you want to accomplish. You will have plenty of time to ask questions. If we are a good match, we will schedule an in-home assessment so we can view your space and make recommendations for your project.

2- Next is the in-home assessment.

We will chat a bit more about your needs, view the space(s) to be organized, take measurements if necessary, discuss your timeframe and budget, and create a plan to prioritize your goals and meet your deadlines. There is a small charge ($75) for this 45-60 minute in-home assessment, which will be credited back to you when you book your first session. If you are excited to get started, we can book our first session for a future date that is convenient for you.

3- Now the fun begins with the hands-on organizing session(s)!

We will work side-by-side to declutter and group similar items together. For items you wish to downsize, we have many resources, including selling on eBay, consignment, and donating to local charities. Once you have just what you need, we will put your belongings into the proper spaces for functionality. The things you use most often are kept close at hand. We will happily shop for you if containers are needed (shopping charge will apply), or recommend products and give you a shopping list if you want to do it yourself. We always label for easy retrieval and discuss maintenance so your organized spaces stay that way long after we leave. As we near the end of our session, we tidy up the area, remove items to leave the home, and create a plan for continuing the project if necessary.

Does our organizing process sound helpful? The next step is to call 860-384-9683 for a complimentary phone consultation. Or click here to view some of our before and after photos.